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Video: Learn more about the property revaluatio­n process

By the end of the month, every Buncombe County property owner should receive a notice in the mail from the Tax Office indicating the new value of their property for tax purposes. In this video, Buncombe County Public Relations Director Kathy Hughes discusses how those values are determined and what property owners should expect with Tax Director Gary Roberts.

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Disaster 2012 Web Extra: Rememberin­g the 2004 floods

With speculation rampant across the world over the possibility of a mysterious cataclysmic event occurring tomorrow, Dec. 21 in conjunction with the supposed end of the Mayan calendar, Xpress took a look at more realistic local threats this week in the story “Tomorrow Never Knows: WNC Disasters Past, Present and Future.” As part of our research for that story, we compiled several photos from one of the biggest natural disasters to strike our region in modern history – the floods of 2004.

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Asheville Argus: Romney B-sides

One of the national press photogs turned to another and said, “I just feel like there’s so much hate everywhere we go.”  At first I thought they meant that the Secret Service was being too brusque, but as they kept talking, I realized they meant that they feel this hate as they travel around the country with Mitt Romney.