Hello, nuke!

Would you like to live just 60 miles from a nuclear reactor that could shatter "like a glass cup?" You may have that opportunity if you're an Asheville-area resident and the proposed William States Lee III Nuclear Plant near Gaffney Units 1 and 2 is allowed to be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a […]

“No Nukes — No Kidding,” demonstrat­ors proclaimed Friday, July 15

A group of around 50 protestors, accompanied by a small marching band and a large, mock nuclear waste cask, carried signs from a rally at Pritchard Park to the Federal Building late Friday afternoon, July 15. Their message: nuclear waste is not welcome traveling on area roadways, nor in a repository once proposed for north Buncombe County.
Photos by Jerry Nelson.

There’s a glow in the Smokies tonight: Nuclear waste and WNC **UPDATED*­*

Our research on the past and present of nuclear waste in WNC dug up two interesting campaign items from a 1980s citizen-based effort to keep radioactive waste out of the community. The campaign, which resulted in Madison County commissioners adopting a resolution against nuclear waste transit on county roadways, featured a photo of local music producer Steven Heller wearing a hazmat suit and seated on a tractor, as if plowing a field of contaminated soil. The photo was part of a campaign that appeared on billboards with the catch-phrase, “Don’t think it can’t happen here.” Heller produced a piece of music written to support the campaign (listen to it within); go ahead and sing along as “…the bears in the park/Are glowing in the dark/There’s a glow in the Smokies tonight.”
Look for a full report on nuclear-waste facts, fiction and fears in the July 13 Mountain Xpress.

Stand Against racism events

Coordinated by the local YWCA, this year’s Stand Against Racism events involve 100 different organizations from across the community. Below is a calendar of major events. Look for the full story in the April 27 issue of Xpress. Additional groups that wish to become involved in the events can still register until April 22. For […]

Let’s have a no-nuke future

Proposed legislation promoting 200 new U.S. nuclear reactors is foolhardy. Construction costs will continue to escalate, exceeding $10 billion each before any could be operational 10 years hence; $2 trillion for completion would become the largest energy boondoggle in U.S. history. Furthermore, despite claims it's "clean,” dirty fossil fuel is expended, deadly radioactive waste created […]

New codes, new economy — not new nukes

What would allow our North Carolina legislators to fulfill their campaign promises to create jobs [and] protect homeowners and the environment without new nuclear plants? They have a win-win opportunity if they adopt the new 2012 Energy Conservation Code, which would increase energy efficiency by 15 percent in new residential and 30 percent in commercial […]