People and profits are in harmony

In today's headlines and protest signs we hear pleas to "put people ahead of profits." But are people and profits opposed to one another? In commercial transactions, two parties profit: the seller and the buyer. The buyer acquires a product and the seller gains financially. This peaceable, voluntary transaction of value for value to mutual […]

The gospel according to Jerry

I’ve been having a hard time getting my head around the Occupy Asheville movement. After reading many news reports, I’m still bewildered. I may be classified as a member of the 1 per cent, but I strongly believe that many in the 99 percent are getting the short end of the economic stick. Over the […]

Emails shine light on city’s reaction to Occupy Asheville

Xpress has obtained 270 emails from city of Asheville staff concerning Occupy Asheville. The emails reveal law enforcement considering their approach to (and surveillance of) the protests as well as city staff and Occupy representatives debating freedom of assembly, among other things. These emails are available to the public in a searchable database.
photo by Bill Rhodes

Asheville police arrest Vets after midnight in Veterans Day protest downtown (UPDATED)

Based on reports from the Asheville Police Department and from two citizens on the scene, Asheville police arrested three Veterans just minutes after midnight on Nov. 12 for violating the city’s 10 p.m. park curfew, in a vigil that began Friday night of Veterans Day before the curfew and continued until the arrests occurred. (Image from video by Matt Johnson.)