WNC farm found in violation of improper animal waste disposal

On Tuesday, Aug. 12, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a statement, video and photo gallery (link below) claiming a Western North Carolina dairy farm mistreats its animals. The video showed cows on the farm knee-deep in their own manure, trudging through the sludge while feeding, sleeping and before milking. PETA reported many of […]

It’s time for Edgy Mama to go

First there was the silly article complaining about a PETA billboard [“Edgy Mama: Feeding Kids Meat Doesn't Equal Child Abuse,”May 25 Xpress]. Subsequently, Stewart David gently corrected her uneducated views on meat, protein and health. I'd like to add that Anne Fitten Glenn intentionally took the alleged billboard's message "feeding kids meat is child abuse," […]