Project Access is a model program

I wish to express my kudos to the wonderful work Project Access is doing to help people gain access to needed medical care [“Wellness,” Jan. 25 Xpress]. I am currently benefiting from the program as I injured my shoulder last summer and it consequently "froze" up to where I became basically disabled and very challenged […]

Say ahhhh: Dr. Suzanne Landis, the “mother of Project Access,” helped create the service. She is one of many doctors who help uninsured Buncombe County residents get the care they need. photo courtesy of WNC Medical Society

Access excess?

What happens when Buncombe County physicians offer free specialty care to uninsured, low-income patients amid a down economy? A deluge. In Buncombe County alone, there were about 38,000 such residents in 2005, according to census data; three years later, that number had swelled to nearly 78,000. And year by year, the county has consistently surpassed […]