City will go forward with referendum on water system transfer

At a worksession this afternoon, July 30, Asheville City Council directed staff to craft a referendum for November’s ballot asking voters to weigh in on a possible transfer of the Asheville water system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. The city is also communicating with MSD, studying the financial impacts of a merger and trying to arrange a meeting with local legislators. (photo by Max Cooper)

Xpress Files: Mike Fryar’s complaint to Board of Elections over Buncombe tax referendum

Here’s a copy of Mike Fryar’s letter of complaint to the Board of Elections in regards to the manner in which the Nov. 8, 2011 sales-tax referendum was conducted in Buncombe County. Also, a scanned copy of the check used to pay the costs of holding the referendum as promised by the J.O.B.S. committee that waged the campaign in support of it.

A-B Tech is for the county, so the county should be for A-B Tech

For 52 years, A-B Tech has provided education, training and re-training to residents of Buncombe County [”School or Scandal? ” Oct. 19 Xpress]. We've done it honestly and accountably, because you deserve nothing less. We're seeking the quarter-cent sales-and-use tax for renovating and expanding A-B Tech's educational facilities for one reason: to prepare our county's […]