Riverlink blog, donations by 6-year-old featured on CBS Evening News

What connects RiverLink, a 6-year-old from Southern Pines, N.C., and Katy Couric? An interest in the Gulf oil disaster. CBS Evening Show host Couric contacted RiverLink recently after seeing a RiverLink blog that featured 6-year-od Skylar Fielder-Jones’ efforts to collect cleanup supplies for the oil disaster and donate them to the Asheville-based nonprofit. Here’s the full scoop from RiverLink.

From brown to green

The more I wrote about drought this spring, the more it rained. I considered starting a second career as a contrarian rainmaker. I could lease my talents out to water-hungry towns, an editor suggested. Still, I wondered what I would write about. The rain gave me more time indoors, even as I fell behind in […]