Asheville’­s ‘60s Garage Rock Scene: An Oral History (Part 1)

In Part 1 of our weeklong series digging deeper into Asheville’s nearly-forgotten teenage rock ‘n’ roll scene in the ‘60s, the Satyrs reminisce about their local garage rock rivals (e.g. the Fabulous Wunz, Bee Bumble and the Stingers, the Centurions, etc.), the “lost recordings,” and the inspiration behind those beloved screams and moans in “Don’t Be Surprised.”


From the opening notes, fuzzy and aggressive through Stella Blue's downstairs sound system, Wooden Toothe plants its feet firmly in the fuzzy-and-aggressive territory between country and punk. Yet this is no country-punk outfit. The quartet, fronted by sprightly bass player Pierce Harmon, nods to both Uncle Tupelo and the Sex Pistols with neither a twang […]


There is a lot to recommend singer/songwriter Zach Blew: He plays guitar with a nimble, jazzy fluidity; he sings with the sultry ease of John Mayer (back when Mayer was earnestly "Waiting for the World to Change"). Blew also has the wherewithal to back himself with a stellar band — guitarist Tom Leiner (Kellin Watson's […]


Humble Thumb, the fragmented version of The Brothels from Knoxville and Asheville, recently opened for Buffalo at Fred’s Speakeasy. The small crowd—surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night—finally hit its enthusiastic stride when Buffalo took the stage with a young but mature approach to old-time roots, country, and bluegrass. Buffalo at Fred’s Speakeasy. Photo by Lydia […]