Global ChiRunning springs forth from Asheville headquarte­rs

The world headquarters for ChiWalking/Running occupy a quaint two-story house adjacent to Interstate 240 in downtown Asheville. “People think we’re a $5 million or $10 million business. We’ve had people come from other countries and they’re like, ‘This is it?’” says Katherine Dreyer, co-founder and CEO of ChiRunning. Danny Dreyer, her husband and ChiRunning co-founder […]

Ashevilean Mike Morse wins grueling Grandfathe­r Mountain race, “The Bear”

From Linville to the foot of the Mile High Swinging Bridge on Grandfather Mountain, it’s just a five-mile run. But perhaps because the route has an 1,568-foot elevation change — they call this race “The Bear.” Asheville’s Matt Morse won the men’s division, taking the course in 32 minutes and 17 seconds. (photo by Skip Sickler)

Swapping tarmac for trails

I am a trail runner! As of recently. Very recent. Okay, just in the last few weeks, if we must be honest. Not so long ago, you would have found me plodding around my neighborhood in my slow-but-steady pace or making the occasional foray to Carrier Park or the treadmill at my local Y. But […]

Outdoors: Memories are made of this

Among its many mysteries, the human mind’s ability to remember only the good times seems particularly profound. All those late-night-study sessions and supposedly do-or-die grades in graduate school? I can’t recall a single one. But I’ve got all the details you need on football tailgates, basketball victory parties and other such celebratory endeavors. The proof’s […]