Long walk ahead: Asheville falls short of sidewalk constructi­on goals

Asheville has constructed about 18 miles of new sidewalks since 2006, but that’s a far cry from what advocates say is needed to improve pedestrian safety in the city’s neighborhoods. A new report released by city government shows that it’s fallen well short of its goal of building 108 miles of sidewalk. A 5-year $132 […]

Asheville Council ponders sidewalks, Sunday bus service and stormwater

Asheville leaders could vote later this month to spend millions of dollars on sidewalks and greenways as part of a capital improvement program for the coming year. The budget also funds Sunday bus service in the city, starting Jan. 1. Yet some residents, and City Council member Chris Pelly, voiced concern during the June 10 budget hearing that such the sidewalk investment […]

Volunteers needed to help determine usage of local sidewalks, bike lanes

One of the biggest hurdles facing local advocates of building more multi-modal transportation infrastructure such is as sidewalks and bike lanes is a shortage of data. In order to help determine the need for improvements, the city of Asheville is seeking volunteers to help take a count of those currently using the local sidewalks, bike lanes and greenways.

(Not so) broad way

After several years of living in the "Five Points" neighborhood and walking downtown as much as possible, I am still amazed that the sidewalk going from hereto Lexington Avenue is still in the same condition it has always been in. Unfortunately, this Thanksgiving, a man was killed in the heart of this treacherous stretch of […]

A sidewalk tale: Volunteers set clean-up efforts

Back in October, Asheville City Council members voted to toughen ordinances that require property owners to keep sidewalks clean. Here’s a video — shared with city Council at the Nov. 9 meeting — of volunteer clean-up efforts, led by Z-Link and such government officials as Council member Cecil Bothwell, who narrates. (an Asheville PARC & Z-Links Presentation). Z-Links is planning a Nov. 20, city-wide clean-up.

The Sidewalk Cleanup Story from Bruce Kennedy on Vimeo.

Local Matters: Standoffs and sidewalks

In this week’s edition of the Local Matters podcast, Xpress staffers Jake Frankel and David Forbes discuss the recent police standoff and the special meeting of Asheville City Council to address pedestrian safety concerns.
The reporters recorded the conversation as they huddled at the site of the standoff on Otis Street, between the federal courthouse and the RBC Bank.

City of Asheville offers video coverage of City Council’s Aug. 31 neighborho­od meeting on sidewalks

Staff with the city of Asheville have provided videos and downloadable PDF documents covering City Council’s Aug. 31 neighborhood meeting in East Asheville, which focused on the condition of the city’s sidewalks, the city’s sidewalk program, and the sort of sidewalks residents would like to have built.