Big Tobacco smokes Warren Wilson College

When I was in college back in 1969, we could smoke in class, and when I later started working in a medical research lab, we could smoke there too, even while handling blood and urine samples. We smoked on airplanes and in hospital rooms, at the bank and in movie theaters and courtrooms. Today, that dumb, tobacco-friendly world is (mostly) long gone … except, that is, when I visit Warren Wilson College’s gorgeous campus.

Oh no you didn’t!

I'm truly disgusted that you published an article, let alone a front-pager, that glorifies tobacco sales and use [“The Unusual Suspects,” July 10, Xpress]. Love, food, drink and music are gifts from our higher selves. I don't believe in whatever god you say brought tobacco. It's time we as a society begin to see and […]

Not blowing smoke

A painful memory cloaked in cigarette smoke fires Owen High School junior Savannah Henderson’s determination to help extinguish tobacco use. “My grandfather started using at a very young age, and just years later, he suffered a major stroke related to his smoking,” she reveals. Three other girls sitting with her nod knowingly: They’ve all witnessed […]

Council funds Transit System improvemen­ts, waives arts-event fees, passes smoking ban

At its April 27 meeting, Asheville City Council:
• delayed a decision whether to cut its event-sponsorship support;
• transferred $2.4 million from health-insurance reserves to cover operating shortfalls;
• approved a plan to improve the city bus system, launch a new Transit logo and market the bus service
• waived fees for arts events in Pritchard Park, and
• passed a city-wide smoking ban on public property.

Smoked out

In January, something once considered unthinkable will come to pass. Across North Carolina—once the heartland of tobacco—smoking will be banned in bars and restaurants. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em (for now): Hookah Joe’s owner Joseph McHugh and bartender Cara Diggins enjoy a puff. Hookahs fall under the new state smoking ban, which will take […]