Quick reference: martial arts branches

Confused about the scores of martial-arts types and options out there? The list below defines the most popular forms. Asian Korean: TaeKwon-do is South Korea’s national sport. Loosely translated as “the way of the hand and foot,” TaeKwon-do combines combat techniques, self-defense and sport, while also emphasizing a philosophical component that is meditation-based. The discipline […]

Making youth bully-proof

Asheville City Schools participated in “National No-Name-Calling Week” in January, and a Norwegian-born initiative called the “Olweus Bullying Prevention Program” is being gradually implemented at all grade levels. But administrative efforts can be slow going. And thanks to the catalyst of social media, (Facebook has made headlines for being a major contributor), bullying is more […]

Shoots and leaders: Eliada Homes’ after-school programs use the Golden Rule to help kids learn to relate to one another. Photo by Max Cooper

Taking a stand, giving a voice

An unusual bit of bean counting took place at Ira B. Jones Elementary School in north Asheville. During a school assembly — part of national “No Name-Calling Week” — students and staff were encouraged to pluck a bean out of a jar for every time they’d ever felt bullied or were the target of unkind […]

Writers in the schools: Asheville Middle School students, with teacher Moira Bradford and writer Tamiko Ambrose Murray, after a reading at Malaprop’s.

Mightier than the sword

As a fifth grader at Isaac Dickson Elementary, Alicia was shocked to learn that in the 21st century, cross burnings were still happening — not only in the wider world, but within miles of her home in Asheville. She learned about it through scanning newspaper stories during a writer-in-residency program called “Writing to Change the […]

“A strong sense of self”: Dave and Henry bow at a recent tournament.

The mind and body method

There’s hardly a school these days that doesn’t have some kind of bullying-awareness program. Anti-bullying efforts teach students how to deal with bullies, offer counsel to kids who find themselves in the bystander role and even provide resources for bullies themselves. Could a child's practice of an ancient physical discipline like taekwondo or yoga equip […]

YMCA of Western North Carolina

Get campy!

Arts and Academics Enrollment is open for Appalachian Institute of Creative Learning’s Summer Enrichment Camp, held at scenic Warren Wilson College in two weeklong sessions: July 15-21 and July 22-28. Rising third- through rising 12th-graders are invited to attend either day camp or overnight sessions. Arts and academics are highlighted across a full schedule of […]