No She Didn’t! Good Girls Gone Bad and the Dances That Happen

Bad girls do it well

"Come prepared for raucous humor, bad girls, noteworthy indecency, empowered, naked wit and naked ladies." No, this is not a report on late-night downtown debauchery following Bele Chere. It's in the press release for No She Didn't! Good Girls Gone Bad and the Dances That Happen. The show, which runs at The Magnetic Field, uses […]

Get thee to the A/C-attachment0

Get thee to the A/C

What should still be playing Now, the truth is that I have an almost perfect record of not attending Bele Chere. OK, so I got cajoled, bamboozled and frankly tricked into filling helium balloons at the Xpress booth one year, but I'd prefer not to think about that. So I find it fairly easy to […]

Tubing is a great escape. Photos by Jake Frankel

Head for the hills

The mountains and rivers surrounding Asheville offer ample opportunities to escape the sweltering crowds and chaos of Bele Chere. The Blue Ridge Parkway provides easy access to numerous hikes among lofty peaks. Only about a 25-minute drive north of Asheville on the scenic roadway, the Craggy Gardens area near milepost 364 is a convenient starting […]

Get along little folkies-attachment0

Get along little folkies

Head east (OK, only as far as Black Mountain) for "a night of shared songs" — which, by its name alone, is pretty much the antithesis of a street festival. This show, held at the airy and relaxing White Horse Black Mountain, includes Annie Lalley, Joe Ebel, Ray Chesna and Jimmy Landry. Asheville native Annie […]

Unique hues in a big tapestry: Nine countries get together and perform at this year’s Folkmoot, which runs through July 29.

Diversity in music and art

What do you do when you’re scheduled for a 36-hour plane ride and your luggage includes a 150-pound carved wooden drum? (Don't even try to close the overhead compartment on that one.) Most of Folkmoot's performers make the most of their demanding trips. Take Batimbo, a drumming group from Burundi in East Africa. You may […]