Services or taxes – which is it?

Jeff Gerber's July 20 letter, “Study Hard, N.C. Legislature,” perfectly illustrates the conservative mindset about government revenue and spending. He says, "making cuts to the law-enforcement and judicial system is ludicrous," and "conservatives never raise taxes.” Money doesn't grow on trees; it has to come from somewhere. In the case of government-provided services such as […]

Let’s see some receipts, Raleigh

State Republicans claim to be saving the state money, but it just isn't adding up. As part of the new state budget, Republicans cut expenditures of the Capitol Police force in half, from 4 million to 2 million. Now 40 of 89 officers are on the unemployment line. Seven of 14 patrol cars sit idle. […]

Signed, “An Angry Teacher”

It is only decency that prevents me from using colorful metaphors to describe our state legislature’s assault on education and the environment while having the audacity to give themselves some hefty pay raises! Despite the veto of the recent budget proposal by the governor, the Republican-run legislature (along with some foolish Democrats) has succeeded in […]

Sen. Apodaca needs a math lesson

Poor Republican Sen. Apodaca. The self-disgust this husband of a former school teacher must feel apparently runs pretty deep given the lengths he goes to in his attempts to construct a consoling counter-narrative amid the howls of protest at his party's wholesale gutting of North Carolina's public education system. According to figures from the state […]

Sen. Tom Apodaca, on behalf of the Senate Republican Caucus

The North Carolina Senate released a state budget this week that makes government live within its means and puts more money in the pockets of taxpayers, while protecting essential public services. Among others, our budget makes three responsible, long-overdue changes. First, it reforms North Carolina’s broken education system. An educated workforce is vital to our […]

One cent makes sense

The North Carolina General Assembly is the best money could buy. Sorrow lies in the fact that they are for the most part a group of ideologues who believe the political-ideology rhetoric that spews from their mouths. Their pockets are full while yours are empty. They have no concern for the future of the children […]

YWCA calls for help funding Diabetes Wellness program

Walt Roberson is, as he puts it, “an ol’ drill sergeant” and a Vietnam vet who spent more than 30 years working his beat as an Asheville police officer. He’s used to being tough, and at more than 6 feet tall, he’s probably never been a small man. But now 60, the retired city resident says he came close to “doing something stupid” after he left the force: He gained weight till he was pushing 400 pounds, had knee surgery, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and got so depressed that suicide wasn’t much too close in his mind.

Thanks, North Carolina General Assembly

House Representatives, I'd like to thank you for putting rich white kids first in North Carolina with your vote on May 3. It's about time! I am so tired of these hardworking, poor and minority children who go to school everyday trying to make their lives better in the only safe environment they know. I […]