Ready, set… pick!

Don Justus has seen people do just about anything to take home some of his apples. In his youth, ladies from a visiting church group refused brown bags, opting instead to fashion their bloomers into larger, sturdier carriers. Recently, a family who’d driven up from Columbia, S.C., donned matching rain boots, coats and hats, and […]

A nettle a day

Beneath a hazelnut tree, Michael Gentry, aka the Sustainable Gourmet, has placed a table. Over the brightly colored tablecloth, he's laid out a spread of food, displayed in glass dishes and assorted pieces of pottery. Right there, in Asheville's edible garden, with the terra-cotta tiles of the city building peeking through the branches of an […]

Capsicum Fever

Asheville's not usually known for its hot spells, but that's all about to change. There's a heat wave in town that's about to get hotter. Pick a pepper: Joel Mowrey grows the peppers for the hot sauce he makes, including the infamous ghost chili. Photos by Jonathan Poston Xpress recently sat down with Joel Mowrey, […]