Smart Bets: The Gospel of Flying Saucers, Dinosaurs & Love

Although it’s tricky to describe the central philosophy of local R&B outfit The Secret B-Sides (flowers, spaceships, prehistoric creatures and the intersection thereof), once you’ve danced to one of the band’s sultry, funky, mood-enhancing jams, it begins to make sense. Happily, the Secret B-Sides singer-songwriter Juan Holladay has teamed up with illustrator Bobby Morgan on […]

This weekend on a shoestring

New Year’s Eve has a tendency to take it out of people, but c’mon folks, you’ve had an entire week to recover! It’s time to get back in the saddle, and we’ve got a rundown of budget-friendly events so you’ve no longer any excuse to stay home. And while you’re here, check out Clubland for a full weekend music schedule.