Emails reveal state reps trying to settle Asheville water lawsuit, may change city elections

Emails obtained by Xpress reveal that some state legislators have asked city of Asheville representatives to drop their lawsuit contesting a state-mandated transfer of the water system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. The emails also show legislators discussing the fate of legislation that consolidates Asheville and Buncombe County parks-and-recreation services — a move that could save the city $5 million a year. Further, the candid discussions shine a light on a long-rumored proposal that the state may force Asheville to switch to district-based elections.

‘We have exhausted all leads:’ APD suspends Moffitt Twitter hacking investigat­ion

Claiming that they’ve “exhausted all leads to this point,” the Asheville Police Department has suspended its investigation of the alleged hacking of state Rep. Tim Moffitt’s Twitter account last year. The legislator’s account sent out an offensive message that he implied was an effort by his political opponents to discredit him.

Moffitt proposes ban on public female toplessnes­s

Buncombe Rep. Tim Moffitt has introduced legislation to add female toplessness to the state’s indecent exposure prohibitions. Except for breastfeeding, revealing “the nipple, or any portion of the areola, of the human female breast” would be illegal. Before last year’s Go Topless rally, Asheville City Council signed a letter condemning it and calling for state legislation. Photo by Max Cooper

The water-system merger hurts us all

In this time of fiscal crisis, the takeover of the Asheville water system will do no one any good. No government, no business and no family will benefit. It is a taking, the equivalent of a condemnation, and one that violates our system of government. Asheville has been an excellent manager of the water system. […]

Vote Jane Whilden

In 2010, a Raleigh tea-bag tycoon named Art Pope funded campaigns across the state through direct donations and through several political action committees. Pope targeted even the most moderate state assembly Democrats, as detailed in an October, 2011 New Yorker magazine investigation. As a result, the Statehouse became not just right-wing, but radically right-wing. Radical […]

Moffitt’s loyalties lie elsewhere

Tim Moffitt's campaign is swimming in cash from outside sources. In 2010, his backers included Art Pope, the mogul from Dollar General and ALEC, the shadowy extremist group that seems determined to take the "public" out of public education. This year it's something called the Carolina Business Coalition Education Fund, which does not reveal its […]

Storify: State house candidates face off at CIBO forum

The Buncombe County candidates running for seats in N.C. House districts 115 and 116 faced off at a Sept. 27 forum organized by the Council of Independent Business Owners.  Candidates were asked a range of questions, giving them a chance to show where they stood on issues like Asheville’s water system, jobs, education and more. Roughly 75 people attended the forum. Here’s a look at the event in words, photos and videos as it unfolded, via Storify. (photo by Max Cooper)