Gantt’s views on workplace equality were misconstru­ed

I read a puzzling comment from Tim Peck on the Aug. 21 online article, "Commissioners Approve Personnel Ordinance, Reject LGBT Protections (see the article and comment at I think it’s important that people understand Chairman David Gantt’s position at Tuesday’s Buncombe County Board of Commissioners meeting. My understanding is that the motion put before […]

Tim Peck is a real card

Tim Peck is fast becoming my favorite conservative, outpacing the always-entertaining Carl Mumpower. In his March 7 missive, “People and Profits Are in Harmony,” Peck explains the basics of capitalism as a fair exchange between a buyer and seller. And it's true: capitalism as a theory is a wonderful, productive enterprise, and I don't doubt […]

People and profits are in harmony

In today's headlines and protest signs we hear pleas to "put people ahead of profits." But are people and profits opposed to one another? In commercial transactions, two parties profit: the seller and the buyer. The buyer acquires a product and the seller gains financially. This peaceable, voluntary transaction of value for value to mutual […]

Kool-Aid and the tea party

Tim Peck has been reading too many Ayn Rand novels [“Occupy Wall Street Protests are Misguided,” Oct. 26 Xpress]. His “Greed is Good, Government Bad” view of unrestricted capitalism is a poor prescription for running a society — if justice, equal opportunity, and a nice place to live are important to you. Capitalism is there […]