Rural Heritage Museum highlights history of WNC barns

From the Ani Katuah to white settlers and tobacco farmers, barns and buildings have played a central role in defining the culture of the Southern Appalachians. Shelter on the Mountain: Barns and Building Traditions of the Southern Highlands traces the evolution of local building practices.

Oh no you didn’t!

I'm truly disgusted that you published an article, let alone a front-pager, that glorifies tobacco sales and use [“The Unusual Suspects,” July 10, Xpress]. Love, food, drink and music are gifts from our higher selves. I don't believe in whatever god you say brought tobacco. It's time we as a society begin to see and […]

Ticket giveaway: Black Moth Super Rainbow

Black Moth Super Rainbow is a psychedelic exercise in contradictions. It’s vocals are processed into a robotic hum, and it’s melodies emanate from a host of synthesizers well suited for a sci-fi soundtrack. Yet there’s something undeniably organic about the warm analog effects, a lingering humanity so buoyant it survives the unrelenting tide of mechanics.

Encourage senators to fund tobacco-prevention programs

Since 1999, North Carolina has funded tobacco-prevention programs with money from the Master Settlement Agreement between 46 states and the tobacco industry. This money was intended to recover tobacco related health care costs and be spent on tobacco-prevention programs. Unfortunately, last year's budget terminated these programs as of June 30. I recently visited the General […]

Not blowing smoke

A painful memory cloaked in cigarette smoke fires Owen High School junior Savannah Henderson’s determination to help extinguish tobacco use. “My grandfather started using at a very young age, and just years later, he suffered a major stroke related to his smoking,” she reveals. Three other girls sitting with her nod knowingly: They’ve all witnessed […]

Quit for love

I am a junior at Owen High School. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are thinking of special things to do for their loved ones. What’s more special than making a commitment to live longer for that person? What do I mean by this? That you should pledge to stop smoking for that […]

Menthol jobs? Quit it, Lorillard

I am a junior at Asheville High School, and president of our Teens Against Tobacco Use club. Asheville puts an emphasis on healthy living, which we have received many awards for. I was appalled by the pathetic call to President Obama when he visited last week by Murray Kessler, president of the Lorillard tobacco company, […]

Save the Health and Wellness Trust Fund

Every year, thousands of North Carolina youth begin using tobacco. However, since the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund began [supporting] youth tobacco-use prevention and cessation efforts in 2003, middle-school smoking rates have dropped by 51.6 percent and high-school rates by 30.4 percent. These are the lowest ever recorded in the state. The HWTF […]

Smoked out

In January, something once considered unthinkable will come to pass. Across North Carolina—once the heartland of tobacco—smoking will be banned in bars and restaurants. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em (for now): Hookah Joe’s owner Joseph McHugh and bartender Cara Diggins enjoy a puff. Hookahs fall under the new state smoking ban, which will take […]

A great day for quitters

An estimated 45 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, but come Thursday, Nov. 20, those numbers might drop a bit. It’s the American Cancer Society’s 33rd annual Great American Smokeout—a day when anti-tobacco forces rally on behalf of smokers, and would-be ex-smokers are encouraged to spend the day puffless in solidarity with each other. Puffed enough?: […]