Banning human anatomy

I have a few concerns after reading the Jan. 31 article, “Moffitt Proposes Ban on Public Female Toplessness.” (See To Rep. Tim Moffitt and all those he represents, especially Mayor Terry Bellamy and all Asheville City Council members who signed the letter asking people to avoid a rally: First of all, with all […]

Nullify the “no nipple” bill

N.C. House Bill 34, the bill proposed by Reps. Rayne Brown and Tim Moffitt, was inspired by the GoTopless protests in Asheville. The bill received national attention after being introduced recently by the NCGA House Judiciary Committee.   The goal of the bill is to make it illegal for women to expose any part of […]

A tip for the topless

A note to the women who expressed their outrage at breast-exposure inequality at the Pack Square topless event: I appreciate that you felt you were asserting your right as women to bare your chests in a demonstration for equal nipple opportunity, but this comes across as exhibitionism rather than protest. While it may fire up […]