Fringe benefits

“Asheville Fringe Festival is an invaluable resource for performers and writers,” says playwright and actor Julian Vorus, whose full-length show The Bog will premiere at The Bebe Theater during Fringe 2014. The organizers, he notes, say, “Try anything: We’ll not only support you, but we’ll make a big deal about it. The Fringe Festival pushes […]

News & views from this weekend’s FANATICON2 conference­, via Twitter & Youtube

Below the videos is a moderated feed of Tweets about the FANATICON2 conference taking place May 19-21 in Asheville, N.C. Fanaticon returns for its second year with “comics, collectibles, pop culture and more.” Unlike your typical summer fest, Fanaticon is mostly indoors. There’s less ziplining and corndog eating, more trivia (movie and trivia night is […]

Review of Asheville Vaudeville

The lobby of ACT was packed to claustrophobic heights, filled with sparkly vamp accoutrements, homemade wings and period costumes, only some of which were actually worn by performers. Asheville Vaudeville has certainly found a new home, and their lengthy summer hiatus created a sense of anticipation that kicked off their new season and new venue with a bang.