Voting rights curtailed

House Bill 451, filed with the state legislature on March 27, will cut a full week of early voting and abolish voting on Sunday. While conservative politicians claim that this will save a large sum of tax dollars, little consideration has been given to the impact this bill would have on impoverished and working-class voters. […]

“I mustache you to vote” drive aims to increase student-voter turnout

A project of the N.C. Public Interest Research Group has made more than 100,000 student contacts in the past two weeks to encourage students to vote. Locally, more than 14,000 contacts were made on the UNC-Asheville campus. Organizer Erin Larkin (in red) gets her shirt signed by Daniel Evans while his wife Amanda looks on. (Photo by Bill Rhodes)

An informed voter (thanks to Xpress)

Hats off to Mountain Xpress for the voter guide edition [“Election 2012: Pick Your Players,” May 2 Xpress]. The guide helped me to select candidates for county commissioner and county commission chair. I was unable to find good info on where each candidate stood on the issues from the online voter guide. I think the […]

In pursuit of liberty

From my point of view, all legislators, City Council members and [Buncombe] county commissioners are merely employees of The People, since we hire them (by voting) and pay their salaries (through taxes). This is the perspective from which I evaluate information on, about or from anyone political. Much of the political commentary I read in […]