Restaurant­s invite guests back to dine and socialize at a safe distance

As restaurants and event spaces in Asheville have begun to reopen for on-site service, “dining out” has taken on new meaning. With many people still cautious about sitting inside a confined space, restaurants that have wide-open outdoor spaces are finding ways to use those areas wisely as they welcome back staff and customers safely. “We […]

Valentine’­s Day: Plan B

If you’re a true Romeo (or Romea), you’ve no doubt got everything worked out for celebrating Valentine’s Day: flower delivery scheduled, champagne chilling and — most importantly — dinner reservations made. If you’re like the rest of us workaday schlubs however, your dinner reservations for the Big Day Of Love are no more real at this point than a bow-wielding winged baby.

Getting some breathing room, slightly west of Asheville

As we’ve recently said, the RAD is getting rather, well, rad. With the addition of several new restaurants joining an ever-burgeoning food and entertainment scene, there’s plenty to do in east-West Asheville.

Xpress photographer Chris Wood was on hand to capture the goings-on in the district on the fairly busy Thursday night before Memorial Day Weekend. View the slideshow after the jump.