Opinion: The most intractabl­e problem in Asheville — courtesy of Whole Foods — has become ‘just inhumane at this point’

The store’s main entrance sits on Merrimon Avenue, but to the rear lies Maxwell Street, a short, shaded route that runs between Chestnut and Broadway streets. The problem is that on this end of the building, Whole Foods has a loading dock, which was issued a permit by the city two decades ago.

Reid Thompson before Council

City could face equal protection suit after short-term rental vote

Reid Thompson has lost the most recent battle in his 13-plus-year fight with the city of Asheville. But the war, suggested Thompson’s representative and urban planner Joe Minicozzi, is far from over. “He’s got to file a civil suit to get his civil rights upheld,” Minicozzi said. “You can’t enforce the law on one side of the street and not enforce it on the other.”

Small bites: Smiling Hara Tempeh’s multifacet­ed expansion

Smiling Hara Tempeh is bolstering its partnership with Whole Foods with the release of a new heat-and-eat product line in addition to opening a new factory; winter farmers markets are kicking off in Western North Carolina; MANNA FoodBank warehouse is sporting a new roof, thanks to several local businesses; and PennyCup Coffee Co. has a new downtown store.

Small bites: Oskar Blues Big Money Chili-onaire cook-off promotes ‘do-goodery’

Oskar Blues’ CAN’d Aid Foundation is seeking competitive talents for its chili cook-off in Brevard. Meanwhile, FEAST and Asheville Middle School team up for a pie fundraiser; MetroWines’ Anita Riley invites two women behind Hi-Wire Brewing’s branding to the shop; Smiling Hara Tempeh’s Hempeh makes its way to grocery shelves; and Lex 18 hosts an Appalachian-themed evening.

Whole Foods Market to set up mobile kitchen on Tunnel Road

Upscale grocer Whole Foods has planned a week of mobile kitchen feasts in anticipation of the grand opening at its 4 S. Tunnel Road location. The campaign kicks off with a “community giving day” on Aug. 18, at which nonprofit Brother Wolf Animal Rescue will be the sole beneficiary of all food sales.

Council contemplat­es tax increase, possible water lawsuit, approves Whole Foods developmen­t

Tonight, Asheville City Council discussed a possible tax hike to help offset some financial impacts that pending state legislation could have on the current budget crunch, and Mayor Terry Bellamy said she’d vote to sue the state if it went through with a proposal to forcibly transfer the city’s water system to the Metropolitan Sewerage District. Council also approved a Tunnel Road commercial development anchored by a Whole Foods.

Down and out in aisle one

Last year, we Ashevilleans saw the corporate takeover of our beloved Greenlife. While some seem to not mind the change, many of us disliked the lowered quality and diminished local options and ran away to Earth Fare. Well, now we are facing an even worse corporate takeover of Earth Fare. Talk about dark, deep holes! […]

Nice work if you can get it

In response to Robert Thatcher's letter in the May 4 Xpress, “Wholly Satisfied with Whole Foods”: In an economy in which there are far fewer jobs than there are people looking for them, it makes little sense to simply tell such people to "get a living-wage job." You might as well tell them to move […]

Give me liberty? Give me a break

I once thought of myself as having a libertarian streak, but if it means that my views are aligned with those of Robert Thatcher and John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, then I probably do not [“Wholly Satisfied with Whole Foods,” May 4 Xpress]. To say that there is no political consensus on global warming […]

Muffin Republican­s, go home

We read Richard Thatcher's love-fest letter to the editor (regarding Whole Foods) with amusement [“Wholly Satisfied with Whole Foods,” May 4 Xpress]. Wow. We moved here from Atlanta to get away from pseudo-Republicans like you. If you don't want to support local Asheville businesses and be a part of the community, why don't you go […]

Wholly satisfied with Whole Foods

I read Lance Hardcastle's attack letter several weeks ago, and I wanted to write in to give my wholehearted support to the new, improved Greenlife [“Whole Foods: The Bigger the Worse?” March 30 Xpress]. Personally, I was very excited when I heard Whole Foods was taking over the Asheville location. They are making some great […]