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Mind, Body, Spirit

The Christ (AKA: World Teacher

Posted on
Nov. 19th

Bodhisattva, Maitreya Buddha, Mahdi, et al) will soon speak to everyone. Is inspiring people to see need to rebuild world into great place for everyone & to see God in everyone. Learn more: Share-International.org

Intuitive Massage Therapy

Posted on
Nov. 10th

Beth Huntzinger, LMBT #10819 located in downtown Asheville providing experienced massage for pain, tension. Energy healing helps issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depression and digestive disorders.
Client feedback: "My chronic fatigue is almost completely gone, after our last session I was able to start a new job." Sara (monthly ...

Becca Demers, licensed since 2004. My expert, intuitive hands know just how to release tension in the soft tissue, while the benefits of a heart-centered presence and deep relaxation complete the experience. In my many years as a bodywork practitioner I have come to truly understand the negative effects...

Nell Corry, LCSW, NCGCll, Certified Primal Therapist. • Deep Feeling Therapy connects you with your inner child, uncovers the source. Heals depression, anxiety,  addictions, trauma, PTSD, many other issues. • Call me for free confidential half-hour chat: 828-747-1813.http://www.nellcorrytherapy.com • • facebook.com/DeepFeelingTherapy