Mumpower: Molton’s cartoon misses the mark

  Color-habituated cartoonist Randy Molton finds evident self-gratification in his attachment to something over which people have no personal control. Like most progressives, he remains indifferent to other “C” words — choice, character, culture and conditioning — over which we do have great influence. His impetuous priority reveals a big reason we continue to stumble around […]

"Cat-egorical" - by Brent Brown


The Asheville Chamber of Commerce recently produced a “Christmas Cat” video to promote the city, in hopes that they could catch some of that elusive virulence that cat memes seem to engender on the internet. Some criticism of the video was that it was too “generic” and there was nothing specifically “Asheville” about it. Therefore, […]

(Photos by Appalachian Voices)

NC Policy Watch: Tough rules, engaged public needed to clean up coal ash

OPINION by Sarah Kellogg: This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will finally release the first-ever rule regulating the storage and disposal of coal ash, a toxic byproduct of burning coal. For years, communities and environmental groups across the country have pushed the EPA to finalize the regulations, and now, due to a court ordered mandate, the […]