Asheville Archives: The great debate over sex education, 1912-18

“To what extent can sex instruction be given in the public schools?” The Asheville Gazette-News wrote on Sept. 29, 1913. According to the paper, a recent report by the United States Bureau of Eduction offered varying opinions on the matter, ranging from “a detailed plan of sex instruction beginning in the elementary schools to a determined opposition to any form of sex education whatsoever.”

Asheville Archives: The life and work of Lucius B. Compton

People came by the hundreds to attend the Rev. Lucius B. Compton’s annual revival services at Eliada in the early part of the 20th century. Known for his deep understanding of the Bible, Compton’s popularity continued to soar throughout much of his life. Scandal, however, erupted in 1943, when the religious leader was indicted on multiple counts of assault with intent to rape.