FRESH LAUNDRY: The Flatiron building's iron statue and Michael Dale's "fresh laundry" scent both commemorate a historic downtown laundromat at Wall Street. The Asheville Aroma Tour creator hopes candle customers will recall their trip to the historic landmark more vividly upon smelling the corresponding fragrance while at home. Photo by Kat McReynolds

Smelling Asheville: Local candlemake­r creates walking tour based on historic scents

“As far as I know, there’s never been anything like this,” says Asheville Aroma Tours creator Micheal Dale. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of Asheville’s walkable historic sites and a passion for aromatics, the local candlemaker has combined seemingly disparate modes of taking in local history — sights and smells — in his most recent […]

BET Steppin Stones

Smart bets: The Steppin Stones

“We can’t wait to share our new music with you!” reads the Facebook page for Hilton Head Island-based rock trio The Steppin Stones. Front woman Hannah Wicklund, bassist Andrew Ottimo and drummer Ryan Tye trekked north mid-winter to record their third full-length album at Echo Mountain Studios. Although they can’t celebrate the record’s impending completion […]

RISKY BUSINESS: Mina Samuels is bringing her one-woman performance piece, Hazards, to the Asheville Fringe. Hazards won the award for best avant-garde show at the 2013 United Solo Festival. Photo courtesy of Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

Asheville Fringe Arts Festival attracts homegrown and internatio­nal talent

For its past two appearances at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival, local avant-garde theater company Anam Cara presented original pieces created by an ensemble. For 2015, its players are trying something slightly more traditional while still keeping with the Jan. 22-25 event’s focus on cross-genre collaboration and innovative performances. “The goal of Fringe is to […]


Sound track: 1UP by Seers

1UP, the new record by Western North Carolina and Greensboro-based Seers is an unabashedly weird, inspired, fantastical, bizarre and transcendent collection. The nine-track album is just part of a larger project — released by the collective Nomad Staff — including short films and music videos. The combination is a slide down a rabbit hole of […]