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Counseling Services

I specialize in using mindfulness as a cornerstone to offer creative and individualized strategies for recovery and self exploration. I am looking to start a Recovery Support Group and a Mindfulness Group. Would love your input.

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Posted on
Apr. 19th

Get Unstuck! Nell Corry, LCSW, NCGCll, Certified Primal Therapist • Deep Feeling Therapy and Shadow Work connects you with your inner child, uncovers the source. Heals depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, PTSD, many other issues. Call me for free confidential half-hour chat: 828-747-1813. http://www.nellcorrytherapy.com

Call/text for free consultation! (828-610-8228) Reaching out can be hard, flexibility can make it easier. Varied appointment hours, Insurance or sliding fees, and multiple payment options will help! http://www.createamindfullife.com


Posted on
Mar. 6th

Michelle Payton, M.A., D.C.H., Author |
828-681-1728 | http://www.MichellePayton.com |
Michelle’s Mind Over Matter Solutions include: Hypnosis,
Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-
Linguistic Programming, Acupressure Hypnosis, Past Life
Regression. Find Michelle’s books, educational audio and
videos, sessions and workshops on her website.