Foam ’n’ fizz

1993: Smoky Mountain Brewery opens in Waynesville. It closes four years later. 1994: Oscar Wong and John McDermott start Highland Brewing Co. in the basement of Barley's Taproom in downtown Asheville. 1997: The Blue Rooster, Asheville's first brewpub, opens next to Barley's featuring Highland beers exclusively. It closes a year later. Laughing Seed Café co-owner […]

Edgy Mama: 7 billionth baby born — a cause for celebratio­n and concern

The 7 billionth person on earth was born on Halloween, according to the United Nations. The UN chose a symbolic baby, giving the title to baby Danica of the Philippines, although a little girl named Nargis, born in Utter Pradesh, India, was also chosen. Perhaps she’s 7,000,000,001. In actuality, a number of other babes in other countries also were celebrated as potentially being the 7 billionth.

Edgy Mama: celebratin­g the Cesspool of Sin on All Hallow’s Eve

The modern day take on Samhain has given me an excuse to load up on crappy candy that I’d never buy otherwise. It also gives me the excuse to wear outrageous outfits and decorate my house with bones and dead things. In past years, I’ve written about child obesity and dental decay, costume drama and expense, and the dangers of letting one’s kids take candy from strangers. But this year, I’ve decided to let go and embrace the decadence of Halloween, especially since I live in the Cesspool of Sin.

Edgy Mama: Glenn Beck wants to teach your kids history

Barney the Dinosaur turned out to be a registered sex offender (well, the third dude who dressed up in the purple costume). Speaking of purple, there’s Tinky Winky the Teletubby, whose triangular antenna supposedly symbolizes gay pride. Not to mention the psychedelic qualities of both that show and the funky Yo Gabba Gabba. Then there’s Hannah Montana, whose wardrobe could dress a streetwalker. What are parents to do about kids’ television programming? Never fear, Glenn Beck has come to the rescue.

Brews News — the Oktoberfes­t skinny

Munich-based beer lovers have celebrated Oktoberfest for more than two centuries. The brewcentric festival has evolved into a multiweek smorgasbord of hearty German food and drink attended by millions. The fest is emulated by cities around the world, especially those with a stout brewing culture — and Asheville is no exception. In my opinion, Oktoberfest is one of Germany’s biggest gifts to the rest of the world (along with the Christmas tree).

Edgy Mama: Suggestion­s for Facebook’s interface with kids

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I’ve considered deleting my account on several occasions because, believe it or not, I’m a pretty private person. Though I sometimes find it fascinating to see what people I knew 20 years ago are doing now. Oftentimes, they were more interesting in my imagination than they are in reality (I’m not talking about you, of course). That said, now I’m stuck with Facebook as long as my daughter has a Facebook page.

Brews News: new Malt House and brew tidbits

Brent Manning and Brian Simpson want to take drinking local to a whole other level with their new malt house in West Asheville. Think about it. You may support local breweries by quaffing their beers, but some ingredients — i.e., the malts — typically are grown and processed 3,000 miles away, then shipped here. Manning and Simpson are striving to change that with the Riverbend Malt House.

Suds and fests

Brewgrass cometh It’s time again for the Southeast’s biggest and best beer fest, Brewgrass. The celebration of brews and bluegrass will be held on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Martin Luther King Jr. Park, from noon until 7 p.m. Organizers had planned to hold a number of tickets to sell to locals from Barley’s Taproom. Unfortunately, […]

Brews News

Trendy Beer Cocktails A few adventurous mixologists around town are tapping into a trend — the beer cocktail. You’re probably acquainted with the boilermaker (a shot dropped into a beer) and shandy (half lemonade, half beer). But nowadays bartenders are challenging the reach of malt beverages by combining them with fruit puree, cocktail mixers, liquor […]