Amid the Id

If you want to go to a music festival and spend the weekend kicked back in a lawn chair, koozie in hand and a few thousand of your closest Crocs-with-socks-wearing friends doing the firefly-catching dance to the jam band of the moment, it’s (as they say) all good. The sound of music (that’s not roots-based): […]

They aren’t the world

If you never “got” world music, don’t feel uncultured. Ori Kaplan, co-founder of the definitely-file-under-world-music band Balkan Beat Box, doesn’t like it either. “When I hear [it], I cringe,” confesses Kaplan, whose band also eschews flags, nationalities and borders. “[It’s an] overly produced concept where you try to have some slick beat with some aboriginal […]

Through prose-tinted glasses

People are looking (and listening) for something new, agrees Ira Glass, the nerd-sexy host of National Public Radio’s quirky-intellectual program This American Life. Why radio? “I didn’t have any other prospects,” admits the lovably nerdy Glass. Photo ©2006 Nancy Updike “Whether they’re looking for us is the real question,” he muses dryly. For anyone who’s […]

A day in the (surreal) life

It’s difficult to review anything Sean Lennon does because it’s not just about the music (or artwork, or film, or in the case of his 2006 Capitol release, Friendly Fire, all of the above)—but about his very life. Sean Lennon lives between pop and a hard place. I’m watching the DVD that accompanies the CD […]

She can remember lots of things

“I’ve done movies that have been incredibly successful, and I’m most associated with those,” says actress Molly Ringwald, quite unnecessarily, in a recent interview with Xpress. Don’t you forget about her: Molly Ringwald in Sweet Charity. If you were busy colonizing another planet in the ‘80s, you should know that she’s referring to the John […]

Sweet psychosis

Guitarist Bryan Poole speaks about his tenure in neo-glam band of Montreal with a certain weary positivity that come off more like Stockholm Syndrome than enthusiasm. Theatrical much? of Montreal, among other disguises, is from Georgia. He doesn’t mean it that way, though. It’s just that Poole—who has his own band, not that he gets […]