Debbie does dishes

“I think porn [movies] and magazines are just tools for your relationship. I take charge of those things,” announces Georgia Payne. Well, of course she does — Payne is among the country’s top dominatrixes, and now co-author of How to be a Dominant Diva (Avalon, 2006). “I’d rather be part of my husband [using porn] […]

Prose-poem contest winners

Though nearly 50 poetic entries filled our mailbox, only a fraction of these metaphors and similes arrived in prose form. Happily, among the submissions we discovered some standout works. This year’s contest winner, Connie J. Aiken’s “Tomato Sandwich,” uses a summery lunch request to transport readers through time, back to drippy ice-cream cones and a […]

Top drawer

Style to burn • Who they are: Michelle Goni & Josh Rhinehart • What they’re wearing: On Michelle, a brown cotton henley from Minx, black jersey tank dress from Express, jeans she’s had for 10 years, boots she bought second-hand, vintage Ferragamo sunglasses and a waterfall-image pendant (also from Minx). On Josh, a vintage Levis […]

Top drawer

Manic (without the panic) • Who he is: Jaron Pearlman • What he’s wearing: Striped pants from Marshall’s, pink retro Converse All-Stars from TJ Maxx, handmade jewelry. • Why we love it: Wearing colors bright enough to qualify for Harajuku street style, Jaron stands out on Lexington Ave. “I usually dress like this,” admits this […]

Interpreti­ve dancing in the dark

“Everybody’s doing it,” reveals Joanie Smith, choreographer for Shapiro and Smith Dance, scheduled to perform at Diana Wortham Theatre March 28 and 29. She’s talking about performing modern dance to atypical forms of music. And she’s right — witness NC Dance Theatre’s balletic contortions to the hectic strains of local bluegrass boys the Greasy Beans, […]

Top drawer

Like a record, baby • Who they are: Tuesday (left) and Posey (first names only, please!) • What they’re wearing: On Tuesday, white glasses Sir Elton would covet, jewelry and clothing collected from various thrift shops. Asked if he has to go clothes-hunting every weekend, Tuesday replies, “Oh yeah. Then I cut s**t up to […]

In like Fionn

Swannanoa Gathering Director Jim MaGill (with his family) warns that all Celtic jams are not created equal. “St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in this country, for the most part, are American expressions,” claims Jim Magill, director of the Swannanoa Gathering. “It’s an excuse for a party.” His idea of an authentic jam? Forget “Danny Boy.” “At […]

Top drawer

Designer finds on a thrift-shop budget • Who she is: Maria Blakeman • What she’s wearing: Turquoise and black skirt from Street Fair; black leather Sak tote she received as a Christmas gift; onyx and silver pendant, also a gift; blue scarf in her hair she tells us is “a Vera [Neumann]. They’re from the […]

Top drawer

Old clothes, new tricks • Who she is: Sherri Bell • What she’s wearing: Bright-orange vintage coat with white piping (“it’s ‘something borrowed,’” according to Sherri); a green sweater she reconstructed; a pink tube top worn as a corset over skinny jeans; platform cockroach stompers (“I’ve had these for ages”) and a chain necklace she […]

Bellying up to the barre

The rift among the critics is as predictable as “Old Joe Clark”: Those who dread the pretensions of Swan Lake-style choreography (not to mention Tchaikovsky and his ilk) are pleasantly surprised when the folksy strains of bluegrass drift across the stage. Those who love the refined art of classical dance, however, aren’t exactly leaping to […]

Holy cannoli

Sweet success: Liz Gilbert, author of The Last American Man,went abroad to taste the spiritual life. “Inner peace is not a destination, like: ‘Here’s a picture of me on top of the mountain of Inner Peace – I finally got there on September 28, 2005!’ “No, inner peace is a process,” reveals author Elizabeth Gilbert. […]

Ice cream and a pony

Musicians tend to toss out that I’m-one-with-the-crowd line like candy at a parade. But local singer Nathanael Markham is keeping the goods to himself. “The only thing I ever wanted to do was play in front of an audience exactly the way I am at home, and show them no intimacy – because that’s not […]

Top drawer

Bohemian Rhapsody • Who she is: Julia Robinson • What she’s wearing: Rust-colored embroidered vintage coat from Untidy Museum in Durham, N.C., oversized shades from “some discount store for like $3,” and teal satin sequin-appliqued shoes from another Durham shop. • Why we love it: Julia’s eclectic style has it all — hippie sensibility, layered […]

Top drawer

Spring fever • Who they are: Nikita Rocawich (L) and Raegan Nellor • What they’re wearing: On Nikita, a white cotton dress purchased at, a woven red belt by Milk and earrings from Street Fair. On Raegan, a bubble tube top and cropped pants, both from Nordstrom, and earrings from Street Fair. • Why […]

All’s fair in love

Being over 30 means you’ve had plenty of time to figure out what you want to wear down the aisle (or to the courthouse or oceanside or wherever you say your vows). It also means you’ve developed your own style, your own tastes, and your own ideas about what getting hitched means. Here, three fashion […]

Can’t buy them love

Eighties night: The young actors currently touring in Rent must be tutored in the culture of the period, a time when most of them were still in elementary school (a few weren’t even born yet!) When the musical Rent first opened in 1996, it – according to press boasts – “single-handedly reinvigorated Broadway.” The show […]

Wedding trivia

All the matrimonial factoids you’ll never need … but hey, it beats talking about the weather or dredging up embarrassing stories about the best man. The following info was culled from The nitty-gritty • Weddings are a $25.3 billion industry. • For the past 20 years, 2.25 million to 2.40 million weddings have taken […]

Weddings of the stars

In 2005, unable to find a spouse for herself, 38-year-old Pamela Anderson held a matrimonial ceremony for her dogs. Happily, it was crashed by Ali G. star Sacha Baron Cohen. But there are other celebs getting married in stylish and memorable ways, proving that the over-30 bride has it going on. (The ages noted, by […]

Not your average honeymoon

You, the over-30 brides, have different tastes, ideas and bank accounts than the early-20s set. Maybe you’re already a world traveler, and by now, staying in an all-inclusive resort sounds ho-hum. Or maybe your folks aren’t shouldering the bill for your honeymoon, and you need to plan a thrifty getaway. Then again, maybe you’ve been […]

Love takes time

“There’s only one salient detail I recall from the wedding of the first of my friends to be married: The centerpieces were made of balloons,” writer Jennifer Mendelsohn revealed in a 2003 issue of Baltimore Bride. “Though I might not have been able to articulate it at the time, I sensed on some gut level […]

Top drawer

Layer it on • Who he is: Michael Boyko • What he’s wearing: A 3/4-length corduroy coat from H&M (“It’s from the ladies’ section,” he reveals), a rust-colored V-neck (a Christmas gift from his mom) over a black button down, and another layer of cord — a three-button blazer he received as a gift from […]