Viva La Vida: Asheville Contempora­ry Dance Theatre presents Looking for Frida

Commemorating 35 years of modern dance, ACDT recreates its signature ballet, “Looking for Frida.” First choreographed in 1998, and staged in Asheville; Montpellier and Toulouse, both France; and Merida, Mexico, the production embodies the company’s mission to produce to daring and often haunting performances inspired by the work of great artists and writers.

Ann Patchett: A woman on a mission

Not only is Ann Patchett an acclaimed novelist, essayist, and nonfiction writer, she’s also an international spokesperson for the independent, locally-owned bookstore. At a reading hosted by Malaprop’s and staged at the Lipinski Auditorium at UNCA on Tuesday, Nov. 5, an impressive crowd gathered to hear Patchett present her latest literary offering. “This is the Story of a Happy Marriage” is a collection of thoughtful, beautifully written essays about life, love, writing and books. Photo by Kevin Mann.

Sweet support

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in an effort to raise money for Helpmate, a local nonprofit dedicated to serving women and children in Buncombe County, the Chocolate Fetish in downtown Asheville presents a simple and delicious notion: artisan high-heeled shoes crafted from milk and dark chocolate.

La Reina: A dream-like world

La Reina doesn’t have a genre to contain it. The show features a collage of ancient texts and travels from Antiquity, the Golden, Classical and Dark Ages, to the Medieval and Reformation period. Using shadow puppetry, brightly-illuminated backdrops, stunning costumes, movement-theater and a live electronic soundscape, the production takes on a dream-like quality. It is as if a wild, somewhat surreal vision is playing out before the audience, and its tempo is slow and unhurried.

Dispatches from the March Against Monsanto

More than 1,000 people gathered at Pack Square in downtown Asheville on May 26 to protest Monsanto, a multinational agriculture biotechnology corporation, and the world’s largest producer of genetically engineered seeds and pesticides. The rally and demonstration were part of an international “March Against Monsanto,” involving 36 countries worldwide. (Photos by Jordan Foltz)

A cooperativ­e future

Earlier this spring, a new local group started meeting, discussing and thinking about ways to apply “new economy” concepts and approaches in the Asheville area. On May 8, Co-Creating the New Economy group held its third in a series of monthly meetings, each held at EarthFare’s Westgate location. This month, the featured speaker was Thomas […]

Meet Transition Asheville

According to Transition Trainer and Organizer Dylan Ryals-Hamilton, “there are 458 official Transition Initiatives worldwide, and 137 of those are here in the U.S. We live in a world of volatile gas prices, extreme and unpredictable weather and an unstable global economy. To some the future may look bleak. We’re looking for the positive angle, designing and creating the future we want to see here in Asheville.”

Plotting the future

"Corporate capitalism is unable to meet the needs of people and planet," said community economic development specialist Howard Nemon, speaking on April 10 at the West Asheville EarthFare. He was introducing the "New Economy," an initiative that strives "to find an economic structure that works for everyone." Nemon asserted that we must work together to […]