What dreams may come

Despite the beliefs and theories that reach through history, the meaning and purpose of dreaming is still mysterious: Are dreams a side effect of sleeping, the scattered reflections of the subconscious mind, warnings or a visual collage inspired by our hopes and fears? The unconscious mind in motion: Terpsicorps’ concert of contemporary ballet explores the […]

Sowing deeper seeds

Three years ago, Robert White and his wife, Lucia Daugherty, sized up an abandoned baseball field at Pisgah View Apartments, the West Asheville public-housing complex they call home, and envisioned a beautiful communal green space. From that prodigious act of the imagination sprang the Pisgah View Community Peace Garden, which today teems with life.

Hope Notes offer "something to hold onto" for victims of domestic violence

When Liz Miller became a volunteer at Helpmate last year, she developed a project that connected her passion for collage and card-making with the organization's mission to work with the community to "eliminate abuse and fear." Hope in the handwriting: Liz Miller decorates cards for Hope Notes, where members of the community can write words […]

Eliza Lynn at the Blue Jean Ball

Singer/songwriter Eliza Lynn returns to Asheville as a headlining performer at MANNA FoodBank's 11th annual Blue Jean Ball (see sidebar for event details). After moving to Nashville from Asheville two years ago, Americana songstress released an album titled Haven, toured the Northeast, sang with folk star Dougie MacLean at a Scottish festival and is working […]