The lady and the ramps

I’ve been out all day planting (thanks to the bounty of the nature goddess) several buckets of roots and remnants of ramps — the leavings and root trimmings from a local ramp festival feed. Our local Southern Appalachian ramp festivals are becoming so popular that our native ramps — the first green harbingers of spring […]

Salting roads harms environmen­t

With so many environmental activists in our mountains, why is there no outcry about the massive salting of roads?  Come spring, our roadsides will be deprived of healthy vegetation and our streams and groundwater will be seriously compromised. Even a handful of salt can kill plants, including trees, and the tons of salt dumped on […]

Fighting back

Bill O’Reilly’s recent denunciation of Appalachian-Americans on FOX News is only the latest example of the widespread, multigenerational problem of Appalachian hillbilly stereotypes. Quite simply, O’Reilly once again reminded the world that Appalachian mountain natives are the only group in America that many people still have the audacity to publicly ridicule as being ignorant—and worse. […]