Get your Goats

John Darnielle and the Mountain Goats will be debut new songs on this tour, and the setlist will also focus heavily on Tallahassee, which was released a decade ago. “We get together before the tour and basically just try to put together a setlist that we think the fans will like,” Darnielle said.

The young prodigy and the aging star

There are almost as many examples of young prodigies who have crashed and burned, cracked up or deserted their vocation altogether — from Rimbaud to Bobby Fischer — under the strain of so singularly focusing on something at a young age. Whether Dylan LeBlanc will fall victim to this or not remains to be seen, […]

Stay edgy, Xpress

Upon my customary Wednesday-afternoon perusal of the Mountain Xpress, it was with surprise that I noticed [on May 6] the absence of Anne Fitten Glenn’s Edgy Mama column. As an unmarried, childless male, I am perhaps not representative of the column’s target demographic, but I read it regularly for Ms. Glenn’s nuanced writing and incisive […]