WCQS fundraisin­g model needs some work

Asheville public radio station WCQS [recently conducted] another time-consuming on-air fund drive. I understand the station’s need to raise money, but can anyone name another nonprofit, other than a public radio or TV station, that raises funds by annoying their most avid supporters by depriving them, day after day, of the reason for their financial […]

Just say no

Asheville's high-power public-radio station, WCQS-FM, has applied to the Federal Communications Commission to renew its license. If granted, it will be eight years before the license comes up for renewal again. So if anyone feels the station hasn’t served the community as well as it should have during the eight-year period that ends Dec. 1, […]

Private insurers are the problem, not the solution, for the health-care crisis

The private health-care-insurance companies are the cause of our health-care-insurance problems, not the solution. To really lower and control costs, we need Medicare for all. The public option is the compromise. Although private-enterprise competition works to reduce costs in other fields, it doesn't work for the health-care-insurance companies because they have no control over health-care […]

Not satisfied with CPB action on WCQS

Thanks for the article by Brian Postelle in your Sept. 2 issue concerning the report issued by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Inspector General about Asheville's public-radio station, WCQS. However, both the CPB report and the article left out these facts behind that report: 1) In clear violation of the law, WCQS did not have […]

Judging good judgment

Should we elect the next president of the United States based on years of political experience, or on evidence of good judgment and decision-making? John McCain is much older than Barack Obama and has more years of political experience. But if we are looking for a president who shows good judgment, let’s examine the individuals […]

Keeping the public out of public radio

Like many other transplants to the Asheville area, I am very happy to have a public-radio station bringing classical music and NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered to my new home. Public broadcasting has been an important part of my life, both personally and professionally, for four decades, and every place I’ve ever lived, […]

It doesn’t happen alone

Wally Bowen is absolutely correct about the poem planned for the Veterans Memorial [“The Writing on the Wall,” Nov. 7], which wrongly attributes our freedoms of speech, the press, religion, assembly and voting entirely to the military. The words to the poem, “It is the Veteran,” are not attributed to any author and have already […]

Pastafaria­nism vs. Mosquitois­m

Congratulations to 16-year-old North Buncombe High School student Bryan Killian for standing up—and even dressing up with an eye patch and pirate’s inflatable sword—for freedom of speech, religion and dress. I greatly admire his courage as reported in the April 4 Mountain Xpress [“A Pirate’s Life for He: Suspended ‘Pastafarian’ Speaks Out”]. In that interview, […]