The Blue Dog barks

“This is fun, isn’t it?” “This is incredible, man!” “What a night for the Democrats. Whoo!” Such were the ecstatic utterances of Democratic voters on what was, indeed, a huge election night for Democrats at the local, state and national levels. Hundreds of party faithful filled a large conference room at the Crowne Plaza Resort […]

Biz: Safe havens

With all the turmoil and confusion in the financial sector, it’s easy to believe that the carnage is endemic. But while the pall of doom is all too real, not every financial institution is in peril. Give them credit: While the banking and financial sectors are in a shambles, relatively cautious, conservative credit unions and […]

Asheville City Council

Fallout from the spreading national economic debacle is affecting not only financial institutions, investors and taxpayers, but also the city of Asheville, Chief Financial Officer Ben Durant told City Council. The red zone: Chief Financial Officer Ben Durant warns the Asheville City Council that the effects of a global economic meltdown are beginning to be […]

Pridefest a time for GLBT community to coalesce

Thousands of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities both locally and nationally will converge in Asheville on Saturday, Oct. 11, to take part in Asheville Pridefest, says organizer Kali Brewer. But while the free event—themed “Live! Love! Be!”—is part party and celebration, the third-annual Pridefest also has a higher purpose in mind. […]