Green Scene

To hear UNCA Distinguished University Professor John Stevens tell it, the green-economy surge headed our way will be no less than a “paradigm shift.” ‘Lotta data: The basement archives of the National Climatic Data Center, where observations of weather patterns date back to the 1800s. NCDC will be a key element of the “intellectual core” […]

The Green Scene

The Mountain Voices Alliance is gearing up for a May 3 rally in downtown Asheville calling for a temporary moratorium on large-scale construction projects in Western North Carolina. “It’s simply a pause to plan—a temporary legal tool to get a grip on unbridled growth,” explains Elaine Lite, the group’s chairperson. “Buncombe County’s not alone in […]

Clear as mud

“Water is a living thing; it is life itself. In it life began. And everything that lives in water requires oxygen. It is also a moving thing. A burden bearer, water can carry off great loads of humanity’s leavings—but … as the oxygen in water is used up by waste … the living creatures in […]

The Green Scene

In a region brimming with edgy eco-conscious types such as cyclists, locavores, organic growers and even straight-up tree huggers, some folks still wait until Earth Day to give the environment even a passing thought. But in ardently green Western North Carolina, Earth Day is typically an action-packed affair, so we’ve devoted extra ink to spotlighting […]

Xpress enrolls in Citizen’s Academy (and you get the cheat sheet)

“Either you love us or you hate us,” joked Lauren Bradley, “But nonetheless, you’re here because you care.” Bradley, assistant to Asheville’s city manager, was addressing a group of some 30 Asheville residents who had turned out for the first session of Citizen’s Academy, a workshop series that’s meant to give residents an up-close look […]

Asheville activists arrested at Cliffside power plant

As the sky grew light on the morning of April 1, a half-dozen activists locked themselves to the heavy earth-moving equipment parked at the Cliffside power plant construction site in Rutherford County. At least three Asheville residents joined others from across the state to protest Duke Energy’s recently permitted, 800-megawatt coal-fired facility. The 20 or […]

The Green Scene

Certain photographic images are circulated so widely that, over time, they achieve iconic status. At the local level, Skip Metheney‘s photos of the deluge of muddy water tearing through his neighborhood during heavy rainfalls have become so well-known that they’re often reprinted in grass-roots propaganda highlighting problems associated with steep-slope development. Backyard blunder: This still […]

CAN/Ashevi­lle bring on a new community organizer

Barb Verni-Lau, recently named as the new low-income-community organizer for Asheville Parks and Recreation in tandem with the Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods, says her goal is to assist residents in making positive changes in their neighborhoods of their own volition. Making connections: Community Organizer Barb Verni-Lau, at left, with West Asheville resident Pearlie May Dixon. […]