Community Calendar Guidelines

In order to qualify for a free calendar listing, an event must benefit or be sponsored by a nonprofit. In the spirit of Xpress’ commitment to support the work of grassroots community organizations, we will also list events that our staff consider to be of value or interest to the public, including local theater performances and art exhibits even if hosted by a for-profit group or business.

All events must cost no more than $40 to attend in order to qualify for free listings, with the one exception of fundraisers that benefit nonprofits. Commercial endeavors and promotional events, even if they are free, do not qualify for free listings.

Benefit events that are based on a donation of percentage of sale do not qualify for free listings unless the percentage is equal to or greater than 40 percent.

Nonprofits, groups and clubs with repeating events (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, etc.) may receive 12 weeks of free listings per repetitive event, per year. After 12 weeks of free listings, we ask that groups pay a small fee to continue these listings.

We do not post regular classes and course listings for colleges and universities. However, we do post public events hosted by colleges and universities, such as free public lectures or film screenings. Likewise, we do not post elementary and high school classes, productions or sporting events. However, we do post school benefits open to the general public.

We do not post sporting events, including games or tryouts for children’s leagues, community leagues or school sporting events. However, we are able to post open registration notices for community and children’s leagues.

As a community service, the support group and volunteering sections of our calendar are exempt from the 3-month listing restriction. We will post these events both to our print version and to our website at no cost to the organizers, though we reserve the right to occasionally cut these sections from the print edition if required for length restrictions.

As part of our mission to promote a strong local arts scene, we do list theater and music performances, book signings and art exhibits even if hosted by a for-profit group, gallery, theater or business. However, in order to allow more artists to be represented in the limited print space we have available, we restrict these listings to 4 weeks rather than 12 weeks. This restriction applies to all categories in our Arts & Entertainment calendar, as well as the Spoken Word section.

Events listed in Clubland will not be repeated in the Community Calendar.

Free listings are edited by Xpress staff in order to conform to our style guidelines and length. Free listings only appear in the publication covering the date range in which the event occurs.

The deadline for free listings is the Wednesday one week prior to publication at 5 p.m.  Events may be submitted via email to or via our online calendar. Events that are submitted online are placed into a drafts folder, and are processed in order according to the date that the event takes place. Submitted events are processed at least one and a half weeks in advance of the event itself.

For questions about free listings, call 251-1333, ext. 137. For questions about paid calendar listings, please call 251-1333, ext. 141.

If you have general questions about submitting an event please contact