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WNC's music driven economy is less obvious than its thriving food scene and largely untapped by corporate finance. But musicians, industry professionals and music-related businesses are coming together to build this region on rock 'n' roll (among many other sounds).



  • Rainbow Table: Kids in the kitchen

    -by Bronwen McCormick
    True confessions: When I get home from a busy day and it’s time to get dinner on the table, sometimes the last thing I want is “help” in the kitchen…
  • Urban Café: Tiny space, big flavors

    -by Gina Smith
    An imaginative and affordable breakfast and lunch spot opened downtown early this month on the ground floor of the BB&T building on Pack Square. Situated in the tiny venue previously…
  • Beer Scout: Catawba to open satellite brewery in South Slope

    -by Thom O'Hearn
    If you get up every morning and drive an hour to work, you have a good idea what it’s been like to work in sales or deliveries for Catawba Brewing.…
  • Small bites: Pirate cocktail fundraiser

    -by Gina Smith
    A pirate-cocktail fundraiser, Asheville gets its own French Quarter and the James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner Series makes a stop in WNC.



  • What can you do to tackle local water issues?

    -by Thad Eckard
    What can you do to tackle local water issues? The Water Sustainability Initiative of Western North Carolina is hosting a July 31 forum to explore solutions, big and small.


  • Minimum Wage Data

    -by Molton
  • Retooling

    -by Brent Brown
  • Promotion of Roman Polanski film appalling

    -by Letters
    Talk about offending readers. After reading the Movies section, I was appalled that you promote a movie [“Venus in Fur,” July23, Xpress] directed by a sex criminal, Roman Polanski. No…
  • Gorges State Park ranger’s disrespect is ‘sickening’

    -by Letters
    When I read Joe Stelpflug’s letter [“Beer Tourists, Beware of Gorges State Park,” July 16, Xpress], I was not at all surprised by the pompous attitude possessed by the Gorges…
  • Robert Woolley’s commentary defends racial profiling

    -by Letters
    (Robert) Woolley’s article [“Profiles in Suspicion,” July 16, Xpress], in which he claims, “A book’s cover does tell you something,” defends racial profiling with the erroneous argument that minorities commit…
  • Movie reviews are contradictory

    -by Letters
    OK guys, I get it. I’ve been reading your reviews for a long time now, and I completely understand why you’d like a movie such as Life Itself over a…
  • Commentary a disgusting, racist rant

    -by Letters
    Robert Woolley’s commentary (“Profiles in suspicion, ” July 19, Xpress) is a disgusting, racist rant from someone whose worldview is clearly very deeply steeped in white supremacy — a fact…