Asheville’s Food Pioneers

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Jayson Im
It wasn't that long ago that Asheville was a dining desert, with only a few hardly culinary trailblazers willing to try their luck downtown. Xpress takes a look at the history and evolution of our local food scene (and if we missed a pivotal moment or person, let us know).


  • WNC Pottery Festival celebrates 10 years

    -by Steph Guinan
    From hand-built to hand-thrown, from raku to wood-fired, clay work covers a wide variety of techniques, finishes and forms. A good bit of that diversity will be on display at…
  • Star-studded Southern rock band Trigger Hippy makes its Asheville debut

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    Southern rock is alive and well. And to make sure it stays that way, The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman, Joan Osborne (best known for her hit song “One of…
  • State of the Arts: Asheville muralist exhibition at WCU

    -by Kyle Sherard
    A four-person crew containing some of Asheville’s most notable muralists and painters recently took to the walls of Cullowhee. But those artists — Gus Cutty, Hannah Dansie, Alli Good and…
  • Smart bets: UWABE — Art in the Park

    -by Kat McReynolds
    Theater devotees and outdoor enthusiasts unite for two evenings of free alfresco performance. UWABE — Art in the Park meanders throughout Grove Park (338 Charlotte St.) to present three dances,…
  • Smart bets: Sean Gaskell and Will Ridenour

    -by Kat McReynolds
    Six-stringed instruments in West Asheville are great, but how about 21-stringed instruments from West Africa for a change? Sean Gaskell and Will Ridenour perform on the kora — an ancient…
  • Smart bets: Resonant Rogues’ variety show

    -by Kat McReynolds
    You’ve got to admire the forethought of Resonant Rogues, an Asheville band holding a variety show to kick off its Kickstarter campaign. The event, called Revue Nouveau, promises an “unparalleled…
  • Smart bets: The Ghost Will See You Now

    -by Alli Marshall
    Lots of things are spooky — abandoned summer camps, lonely playgrounds, creaky attics and dusty old barns. But local author Randy Russell may have picked the creepiest locale of all…
  • Asheville artist teaches three-day workshop at Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

    -by Steph Guinan
    “I live in downtown Asheville. I don’t have sheep,” says local artist Lisa Klakulak. “I don’t know that much about animals.” But she does know about the fiber culled from…
  • Australian alt-country artist Lachlan Bryan tours the US

    -by Alli Marshall
    When internationally touring musicians embark on a string of U.S. shows, New York is usually their starting point. Not so for Australian alt-country artist Lachlan Bryan. His tour begins and…





  • Climate Change Poem

    -by Molton
  • Asheville Disclaimer 10/22/14

    -by Xpress Staff
    Asheville police chief embarrassed by speeding ticket errors
  • Facebook page features people of Asheville and WNC

    -by Letters
    That was wonderful coverage of “Humans of Asheville” [Oct. 8, Xpress]! I enjoyed the article. Coincidentally, I started a Facebook page called People of Asheville and WNC in April before…
  • Thanks to Asheville and Creekside Taphouse

    -by Letters
    I wanted to write in say the biggest of all thank yous to the community of Asheville and the Creekside Taphouse. You might ask why I am forever in debt…
  • The Gospel According to Jerry

    -by Jerry Sternberg
    The Asheville Tribune‘s recent commentary by Bill Fishburne, “Council Liberals Show True Colors in Tuesday Night Anti-military Vote,” implied that the Asheville City Council had deliberately screwed our servicemen and…
  • Letters to the editor

    -by Webmaster
    How green can you get? I appreciated Rebecca Bowe’s “Green Scene” [Dec. 13] about the proposed “peak-demand” plant in Woodfin. Just looking at the artist’s rendering before I read the…