Mind & Body, Wellness part 2

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Lori Deaton
In this issue, we explore therapies that plumb the connection between mind and body, seeking ways to create either health or illness. We also share some of the responses from participants in our Wellness survey.


  • Vandercooked Poetry Nights celebrate the intersection of art and writing

    -by Alli Marshall
    If athletics and poetry seem like strange bedfellows, then you haven’t read Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s sports desk columns for The Best American Poetry blog. “Two days later it still feels awfully…
  • Luna Ray brings mantra-based music to The Altamont Theatre

    -by Pat Barcas
    Local musician and kirtan leader Luna Ray calls mantras — sacred syllables or groups of words — ancient science that allows people to open up. “It’s technology with which to…
  • Smart bets: A Chorus Line

    -by Kat McReynolds
    “A Chorus Line is a brilliantly complex fusion of dance, song and compellingly authentic drama,” reads a press release for the forthcoming Asheville Community Theatre production. Directed by Chanda Calentine…
  • Smart bets: Hope Griffin

    -by Kat McReynolds
    “I’m ecstatic to finally deliver [Say What You Will] into everyone’s most patient hands,” says folk Americana singer-songwriter Hope Griffin of her upcoming EP release party. Not one to rush…
  • Smart bets: Worldline

    -by Alli Marshall
    The photos for local sci-fi rock band Worldline, on the group’s website, all evoke the fantastical otherworldly environs of  planetariums, film sets or well-conceived theme parties. Suspended orbs and strands…
  • Smart bets: Miniatures art show

    -by Kat McReynolds
    “This is the most anticipated show of the year. Our artists love it, we love it, and our clients love it!” says Betsey-Rose Weiss, owner of American Folk art gallery…
  • Asheville’s Goldie & The Screamers fashion soul music from disparate influences

    -by Alli Marshall
    “We were going to make Goldie its own entity,” says CaroMia Tiller, lead singer and keyboard player for local indie-soul act Goldie & The Screamers. “It didn’t work out that…
  • Book learning: ABA’s Winter Institute comes to Asheville

    -by Alli Marshall
    It may be a closed industry event, but, having to do with books, booksellers and the publishing industry, ABA's Winter Institute is bringing a "powerhouse of authors" to Asheville —…


  • Hidden chocolate

    -by Dorothy Foltz-Gray
    Asheville has its cacao fortresses — the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, the Chocolate Fetish and Chocolate Gems — but our sweet town also harbors countless hidden chocolate sanctuaries.
  • Eat no evil: The plant-based meats of No Evil Foods

    -by Lea McLellan
    “I think we have consistently proven that our products don’t fit into either of those categories of being vegetable meat or being the substance that wants to taste like meat,”…
  • Beer Scout: Pitch for Pitchers

    -by Thom O'Hearn
    I’ll be the first to admit that here on the beer pages the news is usually fun. To the extent that it intersects with business news, it’s generally about crazy-fast…
  • Small Bites: The Hop looks to summer with Hopsicles

    -by Gina Smith
    The Hop rolls out Hopsicles, winter tailgate markets are underway, Asheville Art Musuem readies for Toast Asheville and a local garden shop and wine store partner for a unique happy…


  • Wellness survey reports mind-body treatments

    -by Susan Foster
    Our survey results about mind-body medicine show that 76 percent of respondents provide mind-body therapies. Respondents report a wide variety of mind-body therapies used in their practices. The most frequently…
  • Global ChiRunning springs forth from Asheville headquarters

    -by Nicki Glasser
    The world headquarters for ChiWalking/Running occupy a quaint two-story house adjacent to Interstate 240 in downtown Asheville. “People think we’re a $5 million or $10 million business. We’ve had people…
  • Neurofeedback and other brain training exercises are yoga for the brain

    -by Susan Foster
    After a traumatic car accident left her with nightmares and chronic pain, “Donna,” a 36-year-old Asheville mental health counselor, started taking medication to help her sleep. “I would try to go…
  • Hypnosis for well-being benefits both mind and body

    -by Pat Barcas
    You are getting sleepy … very sleepy. This Hollywood hypnosis cliché — complete with a swaying pocketwatch dangling in front of a paralyzed rube — couldn’t be further from the…
  • Healing trauma through Somatic Experiencing

    -by Toni Sherwood
      A head-on motorcycle collision in Thailand sent Corey Costanzo, co-owner of Still Point Wellness, on an unexpected journey. “It was the middle of the night, and another motorcycle veered…
  • How to draw on the miracle of sleep

    -by Emily Nichols
    When it comes to sleep, where we spend nearly one-third of our lives, many individuals in our culture are finding it more and more difficult to accrue the quality rest…
  • Chinese medicine encompasses mind, body and spirit

    -by Lea McLellan
    In the health and wellness world, “mind-body connection” has become something of a buzzword. But in Chinese medicine, understanding the relationship between psychology and physiology is ancient — not trendy. Mary…
  • The mind-body wellness issue

    -by Susan Foster
    Scientists now know that mind and body are inextricably linked, interacting in ways that can create either health or illness. In two back-to-back wellness issues, Xpress explores the art and…
  • Conscious Party: A singing surprise

    -by Michael McDonald
    The Celebration Singers of Asheville have banded together for the fourth year in a row to send singing Valentine’s to unsuspecting lovers in the Asheville area.