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  • Weekly Asheville Disclaimer Page: 09/21/11

    -by Webmaster
    • Man purchases Boone Meditation Center for $10M, only to find that mantras not included • Huge Reynolds retaining wall to be lowered, despite danger from nearby Mongol hordes •…
  • Carlvin and Stomps

    -by Brent Brown
  • Statue of Bigotry

    -by Molton
  • School days

    -by Webmaster
    It was tedious, a dry scraping-and-crunching sound: The sound military-issue boots make as the soldiers wearing them trudge up and down a pile of crosses. There was another sound, too…
  • Let’s do right by ALL N.C. children

    -by Webmaster
    Maybe you’ve heard about North Carolina’s mental-health crisis and are wondering who these children are that need state mental-health services. I’ll tell you: They are children of all ages and…
  • 1984 revisited

    -by Webmaster
    Recently, while watching a borrowed tape of Six Feet Under, I ran across a 15-minute segment from an HBO special presentation on Sept. 11, sandwiched between two episodes. I had…