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Small Towns Spotlight: Brevard

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In our annual Best Of WNC poll, what was one of the most common choices for what residents and visitors alike love about the small towns of Western North Carolina? Friendly people. In this issue, we highlight some of those folks -- the Best Of winners in Brevard. Stay tuned for other small town in the coming weeks.




  • Cheers to your health: Drinking tea for wellness

    -by Lea McLellan
    Tea the Chinese way The teas a Chinese medical practitioner might recommend are rather a departure from the box of Lipton tea bags in your pantry — but it’s well worth…
  • SeptemberFest celebrates the community harvest

    -by Carrie Eidson
    The growing season is winding down, which means it’s time for gardeners to celebrate their harvests. In that spirit, Waynesville’s Frog Level will host the inaugural SeptemberFest on Saturday, Sept.…



  • Is Moffitt lying or out of touch?

    -by Letters
    In his current television ad for re-election to the state Legislature, Rep. Tim Moffitt, R-Buncombe, states:  “Obama has tanked our economy.” According to the Wall Street Journal, this year’s second-quarter gross…
  • Most Quirky

    -by Molton
  • How did Asheville find its groove? (part 2)

    -by Jeff Fobes
    Ask anyone who’s lived or worked in Asheville since the ’80s or ’90s, and you’re likely to get a different answer. We offer some responses in this week’s retrospective, such…
  • Article on Drew Reisinger shows media’s slant

    -by Letters
    It is difficult to read, watch or listen to the news these days because of the media’s slant on every issue. Case in point is your article last week [“Hot Seat: Buncombe…
  • Making a difference: a decade of activism

    -by Xpress Contributor
    The ‘90s in Asheville were definitely a decade of activism — of all sorts. One of the earliest projects was the revitalization of downtown, which took courageous leadership. The Green…
  • Before we succumbed to the modern world

    -by Xpress Contributor
    Downtown Asheville in the 1990s had a small-town America feel reminiscent of my own rural upbringing. You could count the chain stores on one hand, and quirky, lost-in-time businesses seemingly…
  • The early days of Blue Spiral 1 and the best years of my life

    -by Xpress Contributor
    I’d often arrive to open the building and have to step over a homeless man, curled up with his bottle, in the entrance vestibule.
  • Support growing for improved transportation options

    -by Letters
    Public support for improving our access to safe, active transportation options continues to grow in Asheville. Last week’s “Long Walk Ahead,” [Aug. 27, Xpress] by Jake Frankel pinpointed specific sidewalk…
  • The Gospel According to Jerry: Fighting city hall

    -by Xpress Contributor
    From the level of scrutiny this project received, you’d have thought we were planning a neurosurgery facility instead of just a metal shell on a concrete pad in an industrial…
  • Hydraulic fracturing threatens WNC’s beauty, water

    -by Letters
    Western North Carolina has it all: picture-postcard scenery with pristine water. Unfortunately, hydraulic fracturing threatens it. Fracking is an industrial process using millions of gallons of our pure mountain water…
  • Fracking chemicals are no secret

    -by Letters
    I would like to respond to the letter from Fred Flaxman [“How Do We Know If Fracking Chemicals are Safe?” Aug. 27, Xpress]. Fracking chemicals are no secret. Anyone can go…
  • From housewife to activist to mayor

    -by Xpress Contributor
    In late 1976, Asheville was quiet and downtown was mostly boarded up. We lived in Swannanoa and I got involved with the folks trying to close the Chemtronics plant. That…
  • Investing in downtown’s future through our children

    -by Xpress Contributor
    A year ago, I happened upon a young father with his wife, two children and in-laws on the sidewalk on the corner at the Haywood Park Hotel. Standing behind them,…
  • Why I won’t be attending Mountain State Fair this year

    -by Letters
    I’ve had an ongoing issue with the North Carolina Mountain State Fair for the last three years. After 18 years with no dress code sign or any specific rules about how people…
  • The challenges we faced in the ’90s

    -by Xpress Contributor
    The Mountain Xpress was born in a decade — the 1990s — that produced major challenges new to Asheville and Buncombe County. First challenge: Two large construction projects — a…
  • Asheville Disclaimer 9/10/14

    -by Xpress Staff
    Mysterious woman moves to Asheville for 'job'
  • Consider joining fracking discussion on Sept. 12

    -by Letters
    I’m concerned about fracking coming to Western North Carolina, so I’m going to a hearing about it in Cullowhee on Friday, Sept. 12. Please consider joining us. (See Fracking…
  • Time of the Signs

    -by Brent Brown