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  • Fiscal Cliff Vote

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  • Used Cooking Oil Thefts

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  • More fear-mongering from Xpress

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    On the heels of the much-maligned Lexington Avenue article, I read the Dec. 19 story, "Tomorrow Never Knows." More nonsensical fear-mongering, combined with cries for some bureaucratic government solution. Why?…
  • Are you prepared for a nuclear accident?

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    I appreciate the Dec.19 article, “Tomorrow Never Knows,” for reminding us not every disaster can be predicted or prepared for. Yet, our stalwart professionals in emergency response, disaster relief and…
  • This is not my edible house

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    After reading all the recent discussion [in the Letters section] surrounding the Grove Park Inn's parking-fee institution during the gingerbread-house display, I think it's important to remind all your readers/writers…
  • Tourists aren’t art collectors

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    In Kyle Sherard's Dec. 26 article, "State of the Arts: Atelier Gallery Leaves Asheville,” gallery owner Gabrielle Egan cited oversaturation of the Asheville art market and the lack of “urgency…
  • There’s nothing “yummy” about foie gras production

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    It was interesting to learn that Jonathan Ammons’ commentary, “Foie Gras Ban a Waste of Energy,” was a top-read Xpress Opinion piece of 2012 [“2012's Greatest Hits,” Dec. 26]. I’d…



  • Asana Xpress: Embodiment of the divine

    -by Kate Lundquist
    Heidi Vaught has only been teaching yoga in Asheville for a short while, but she says she's ready to bring the Anusara style (a system based on hatha yoga) to…