WELCOME TO THE 2017 KIDS ISSUE: Mountain Xpress presents this year's Kids Issue, our annual celebration of K-12 student art and writing.

What matters to me? (Kids issue)

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Cover Design Credit:

Caroline Tintinger, seventh grade (face), and Oriah Doellgast, first-grade (background), both of Rainbow Community School

Cover Photography Credit:

Norn Cutson
Xpress asked local K-12 students to submit art, essays and poetry on the theme “What Matters to Me?” We received about 450 entries (our largest response ever), ranging from thoughtful submissions on social justice issues to sweet tributes to family, friendship and pets.




  • Kids Issue 2017: What has this become?

    -by Xpress Contributor
    "I am a proud black boy who is confused. I am confused why people with different skin colors don’t have equal rights. Black people have their rights, and white people…
  • Kids Issue 2017: Making the most of life

    -by Xpress Contributor
    "Because the thing about connecting with other people is it inspires you; maybe gives you new views, beliefs, new ideas of what you want to do."
  • Welcome to the Kids Issue 2017

    -by Tracy Rose
    Welcome to the online version of part I of Xpress’ 2017 Kids Issue, our annual feature celebrating the creativity of this area’s K-12 students. This year, we asked kids and…
  • Telehealth takes hold in Western North Carolina

    -by Peggy Hustad
    The mountains are calling, using a technology that still is deciding on what to call itself — whether telemedicine or telehealth. “Some say there’s no difference” between one term and the…
  • Conscious party: FEAST on the FARM

    -by Kat McReynolds
    Admission to an upcoming barbecue benefiting FEAST includes unlimited servings of pulled pork (raised on the same pasture hosting the event), collard greens, salad greens, barbecue tofu, baked beans, corn…


  • Screen scene: Local film news

    -by Edwin Arnaudin
    Mechanical Eye hosts three events in as many days, Asheville Pizza screens a 4K restoration of Manhattan and more.



  • Letter writer: Movement seeks power for voters

    -by Letters
    "I represent an organization, NCwethepeople.org, whose intent is to engage enough public support that the legislators in Raleigh will recognize the wisdom in allowing “The People” to vote in November…
  • Letter writer: Act now on gerrymandering

    -by Letters
    '[Gerrymandering] encourages a lack of cooperation and increases the partisan divide because incumbents have almost guaranteed their re-election based on partisan district lines. Millions of votes across the nation go…
  • Letter writer: Is Hendersonville training center justified?

    -by Letters
    "While the threat of domestic terrorism is certainly real and merits public attention, when regarded dispassionately and juxtaposed with American suicide statistics, one must ask, which is the greater problem…
  • Tell your state legislators to ratify the ERA

    -by Xpress Contributor
    "I’ve learned that laws can be overturned, executive orders can be changed and congressional acts can be reversed. It is now clear that until women are explicitly included in the…
  • Letter writer: Early childhood funding shouldn’t require economic argument

    -by Letters
    "The case for investment in early childhood development is settled, really. Now, it becomes a matter of convincing state leaders to make the investment and to make it wisely."