Membership FAQs


Wait, isn’t Xpress a for profit business?
Technically, yes — but we’ve never operated that way. Our goal has been to break even, which allows us to continue operating and grant everyone access to our reporting. We’ve provided our journalism as a free service to the community since 1994. We have considered operating as a 501c3 nonprofit but doing so would restrict our ability to carry advertising, which provides 99% of our current revenue.
Why are you asking for support from readers?
Delivering quality local journalism requires money. In the last 10 years, the advertising model that has traditionally funded local newsgathering has been upended by the digital revolution and an increasing focus on national news. Many community newspapers have gone out of business, and the ones that remain are struggling to do more with less each year — even as the issues that face our cities and towns become more pressing and polarized positions increasingly dominate the conversation. As Xpress digs deep to provide the comprehensive coverage you’ve come to expect from us, we need your help.
What will Xpress do with my membership contribution?
Invest it right back into our journalism! With your help, we’ll double down on our award-winning reporting and continue developing a sustainable model for newsgathering. Local journalism is expensive: We pay all staff members a living wage and distribute Xpress to about 900 locations across nine counties. With your support, we can continue providing weekly coverage and take on more investigative projects.
What perks can I expect as a member?
First and foremost, members will make a difference and ensure their community is healthy and democratic. Xpress is a lean operation, so we don’t have the luxury of offering a lot of swag. But we do invite our members to be more involved with our journalism through special content, events and reader input opportunities.
How else can I support Mountain Xpress besides membership?
If you don’t have the resources to support us as a monthly member, we also accept one-time donations at Other ways to support us include picking up the paper each week, spreading the word about our stories to community members who may not be aware of our work and shopping with the local merchants who advertise in Mountain Xpress.