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Asheville's Hashtags

Here is a list of Asheville's hashtags and their meanings that we currently follow on Twitter.

  • #avlart - Visual or performing arts in Asheville.
  • #avlbeer - Beer news, in Beer City USA.
  • #avlbiz - Asheville business news. If you’re looking for openings, closings, expansions or other economic news, this is the place. Live coverage of economic forums or events sometimes goes under this hashtag as well.
  • #avleat - Food news and developments, from what local places are serving to thoughts on restaurants and local food culture.
  • #avlelect - Local election news — from City Council to Congress — is the focus of this hashtag. Mostly dormant during non-election parts of the year, but much more active during campaign season.
  • #avlent - This is the overall hashtag for arts and entertainment of all varieties in the Asheville area, including performances and big announcements.
  • #avlenv - Environmental news.
  • #avlgb - Green building news.
  • #avlgov - Events concerning local government go under this hashtag. Live Twitter coverage of Asheville City Council, Buncombe County Board of Commissioners also goes under this tag.
  • #avlhealth - In addition to health updates and opportunities, news about the area’s sizable health sector (Mission Hospitals, etc.) goes under this hashtag.
  • #avlhistory - Asheville history.
  • #avlholiday - Holiday events common to Asheville.
  • #avlimbibe - Cocktails information from Asheville bars & restaurants.
  • #avlkids - Events & information for kids.
  • #avllol - Asheville comedy.
  • #avlmusic - More focused on music specifically than #avlent.
  • #avlnews - This is the general hashtag for news around the Asheville area. Most Xpress news articles are posted under this hashtag, along with general commentary about the news of the day.
  • #avlout - Outdoor news and events.
  • #avlpic - Pictures taken in Asheville.
  • #avlpol - Asheville politics.
  • #avlrad - Tweets pertaining to the River Arts District.
  • #avlsnomg - Snowfall tracking in Asheville.
  • #avltraffic - Asheville traffic tweets.
  • #avlwx - Weather events and forecasts.
  • #moogfest - The synthesis of music, art & technology to celebrate electronic music, the innovative spirit of Bob Moog & the future of creativity.
  • #wavl - West Asheville goings-on.
  • #wncnews - Another common news & politics tag.
  • #wncwx - Former hashtag for weather-related tweets in western North Carolina. Abandoned because of excessive TweetBot activity. New hashtag is #WxWNC.
  • #WxWNC - New hashtag for weather-related tweets in western North Carolina.
  • #xmasjam - Warren Haynes Christmas Jam.