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Asheville's Hashtags

Here is a list of Asheville's hashtags and their meanings that we currently follow on Twitter.

  • #avlbeer - Beer news, in Beer City USA.
  • #avleat - Food news and developments, from what local places are serving to thoughts on restaurants and local food culture.
  • #avlent - This is the overall hashtag for arts and entertainment of all varieties in the Asheville area, including performances and big announcements.
  • #avlenv - Environmental news.
  • #avlgb - Green building news.
  • #avlgov - Events concerning local government go under this hashtag. Live Twitter coverage of Asheville City Council, Buncombe County Board of Commissioners also goes under this tag.
  • #avlmusic - More focused on music specifically than #avlent.
  • #avlnews - This is the general hashtag for news around the Asheville area. Most Xpress news articles are posted under this hashtag, along with general commentary about the news of the day.
  • #avlout - Outdoor news and events.
  • #avlwx - Weather events and forecasts.