Breeders aren’t to blame

I'd like to rebut an argument I've read in your paper, one that I hear often from animal rights people [“What About All the Other Animals?,” July 4 Xpress]. That argument is: If people stopped breeding purebred dogs, everyone who is now buying puppies from them would get a dog from the shelter instead. Not […]

Why don’t we choose compassion­?

“Eat This Vacation,” a food story in the Feb. 7 Xpress, is a glaring example of the disconnect that most humans have about food. The article was accompanied by a photo of a very young lamb and mother. The writer remarked about how lucky she was — while visiting East Fork Farm — to experience […]

Heritage my hoof!

Albert Schweitzer said, "think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight," and those words were never far from mind while reading "Feral Pigs, Beaver and Watermelon" in the Aug. 10 Xpress. Over half a dozen species unwillingly and unnecessarily lost their lives so that local "foodies" could “pay homage to the […]