Brown Bag Songwritin­g Competitio­n winner Brittany Ann Tranbaugh

By the end of the night Brittany Ann Tranbaugh walked away victorious. Though, for the recent Asheville transplant, it sounds like the contest was more about artistry and connections within the local songwriting community than killer instinct. “It was such a good show. Everyone who played was incredible,” she says. “I got in touch with some really great people.”

Local documentar­y “Buskin’ Blues” premieres

by Paul Clark The biggest challenge to making a movie about the busking scene in downtown Asheville, says Erin Derham, was knowing when to stop. New buskers cycled through town all summer, giving the filmmaker endless possibilities to flesh out her story on the subculture these musicians inhabit. Super-organized and deadline-oriented, Derham gave herself six months […]